OMS Linux Agent Installation Errors on Ubuntu 16.04.2

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I recently was working on some OMS Linux agent testing and sought to test with the 16.04.2 flavor of Ubuntu for the first time. Upon downloading the relevant bundle for my computer as described in my previous article, an attempt to upgrade (–upgrade) the package in the system failed with the dreaded “Errors were encountered while processing” errors, and I saw this across the board on all of the Ubuntu 16.04.2 computers. Looks like a missing dependency is the culprit. So here’s what I did to address this and onboard this Ubuntu distro to my OMS workspace: I uninstalled the package and removed all related data, using the –purge bundle operation: sudo sh ./ --purge and then proceeded to address the dependency. You … Read More

Chiyo OdikaOMS Linux Agent Installation Errors on Ubuntu 16.04.2