OMS Agent for Linux Patch – v1.4.2-125

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Version 1.4.2-125 of the OMS agent for Linux is now generally available. This updates includes a couple of bug fixes, but introduces no new features. Bug Fixes DSC (omsconfig) package hangs causing Update management, Change tracking and other Linux data stop flowing to OMS. Heartbeat fix to unblock Fairfax customer   SOURCE: Github Install OMS Agent for Linux-v1.4.1-123 For x86 Architecture (32-bit) systems: cd ~wget ./omsagent-1.4.2-125.universal.x86.shsudo bash –upgrade -w <WORKSPACE_ID> -s <SECRET_KEY> For x64 Architecure (64-bit) systems: cd ~wget ./omsagent-1.4.2-125.universal.x64.shsudo bash –upgrade -w <WORKSPACE_ID> -s <SECRET_KEY> Where WORKSPACE_ID Is the ID for your OMS workspace, and the SECRET_KEY is the relevant key for your OMS workspace. To determine your OMS workspace ID and primary key: Sign … Read More

Chiyo OdikaOMS Agent for Linux Patch – v1.4.2-125

Speaking at the Midwest Management Summit (MMS 2015)

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I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting various sessions at the Midwest Management Summit (MMS 2015) at the Mall of America, Bloomington, MN. MMS is a premier systems management community event that takes place over 3 days. This event features over 80 speakers presenting over 110 different sessions on a wide variety of subjects around various products in the Microsoft ecosystem, and 3rd party tools, and products. I will be co-presenting the following sessions: How to use System Center as a Platform tool to build solutions to manage your data center. 11:00 am , Tuesday November 10, 2015 (Paul Keely and Chiyo Odika) Extending your Datacenter to the Cloud. 11:00 am, Wednesday, November 11, 2015 (Steve Beaumont … Read More

Chiyo OdikaSpeaking at the Midwest Management Summit (MMS 2015)

PowerShell Queries and Square Brackets

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I recently encountered an interesting issue while trying to query class instances in SCOM. The class instances for certain classes will return the parent class as well as associated classes in the following format: [Parent Class Name].attribute. For instance the class instance for Microsoft.Windows.Computer returns the following:

  Ok so this returns expected values. Now let’s return a specific object instead of all objects:

This returns nothing, even though we clearly see values for the Logical Processors when we select all objects. After some checking, re-checking, and second guessing, I found an article that’s as short as the solution is simple. Apparently double-escaping is required for the parser to properly handle square brackets in strings. Note that the … Read More

Chiyo OdikaPowerShell Queries and Square Brackets

New Preview Build Released for Windows 10 Technical Preview

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In the wake of the recently released Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft has just issued an update. The update takes the form of a new preview build that’s available for installation from the update and recovery section of  PC setting. This comes on the heels of the speculation around the updates KB3008956, KB3008931 and KB3008956 which were readily available for download in the 9841 build of Windows 10 Technical preview, but failed to install because of a build incompatibility.     As Microsoft continues to develop Windows 10, the latest preview build (9860) refines a few of the already existing features, as well as adds some new features.     Noteworthy is the Notification Center (Action Center) which collects alerts … Read More

Chiyo OdikaNew Preview Build Released for Windows 10 Technical Preview