SCOM 2016 Certificate Errors. Event ID 20049

Chiyo OdikaSCOM, WINDOWS SERVERLeave a Comment

In this article, I’ll review SCOM Certificate Event ID 20049. This error event can be seen during an attempt to initiate mutual authentication across untrusted boundaries such as in a gateway or workgroup boundary scenario. In SCOM, certificates will need to be used for mutual authentication between the management servers and any gateway servers/ agents when Kerberos-based mutual authentication is not possible. If there’s an issue with the certificate, mutual authentication will fail, and one of the errors you could likely encounter is as shown below: The event detail reads:  “The specified certificate could not be loaded because the key Usage specified does not meet OpsMgr requirements. The certificate must have the following usage types: Digital Signature, Key Encipherment.” This … Read More

Chiyo OdikaSCOM 2016 Certificate Errors. Event ID 20049