Business and technology thought leader who is passionate about data-driven management and architecture. I excel at helping clients think strategically about how to use technology to create fundamental business change.  I currently work on enterprise and cloud solutions architecture, and IT strategy initiatives for one of the most eminent systems integrators in the Microsoft Partner Network. Although this blog will focus primarily on my experiences architecting and deploying technology solutions for enterprises using Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Platforms, including System Center, Windows Server, and Microsoft Azure and related services. I will blog about open-source, and products from other vendors. I will also publish my thoughts on the future of technology, new, innovative, and trending technologies, and technological concepts. I have a keen interest in strategies and initiatives for optimizing the service delivery of the IT Organization to the business, through the application of technology, people and processes. I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in various platforms.

My other interests are many, varied, and include but aren’t limited to economic theory, and the application thereof, venture capital and investing, business and management strategy, and chess.

I created this blog to serve as a knowledge base to which I can refer, and point others.

This blog does not represent the thoughts, opinions, preferences or strategies of my employer. It is solely my opinion, and should be taken as such. All information contained herein is provided AS IS with no expressed or implied warranties.

– Chiyo Odika


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