Troubleshooting OpsMgr-to-VMM connection Error 10218

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I recently encountered an issue while configuring OpsMgr-to-VMM connection. The detailed error was as follows: Error 10218 Setup could not import the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Management Pack into Operations Manager server because one or more required management packs are missing. The VMM Management Packs cannot be deployed unless the following component management packs are present in Operations Manager : Windows Server Internet Information Services 2003, Windows Server 2008 Internet Information Services 7, Windows Server Internet Information Services Library, SQL Server Core Library. Recommended Action To provide the missing component management packs, ensure that the following management packs have been imported into Operations Manager server: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Internet Information Services Management Pack for OpsMgr 2012 (version 6.0.6278.0 … Read More

Chiyo OdikaTroubleshooting OpsMgr-to-VMM connection Error 10218

Data Aggregation Fails in Operational Insights Capacity Planning IP after Applying VMM Update Rollup


I recently encountered an issue in Azure Operational Insights (OpInsights). Data aggregation appeared to be failing for the OpInsights capacity planning intelligence pack when only hours before, data aggregation was working as expected. I couldn’t help but wonder what could have severed the connection. In my experience with OpInsights, data aggregation failures usually indicate a problem with OpsMgr sending data to OpInsights¬†Analytics. I didn’t know of any configuration changes had been made on the OpsMgr side, but decided to double check everything.   While scouring OpsMgr, I noticed some 2127 event IDs in the Operations Manager log on the management server, with message “health service HTTP module in management group …failed to POST data to/from url (…)” This event ID … Read More

Chiyo OdikaData Aggregation Fails in Operational Insights Capacity Planning IP after Applying VMM Update Rollup

Monitoring Azure IaaS with OpsMgr 2012 – Part 2


In the first part of this article, I introduced the concept of monitoring Azure IaaS VMs with OpsMgr, and briefly reviewed the prerequisite steps for setting up connectivity from your corpnet to the Azure network. In this part of the article, I will demonstrate the necessary configuration steps for monitoring the Azure VMs with OpsMgr. Recall that my lab is comprised of a AD domain, a OpsMgr Management group, and a Microsoft PKI, and that I have configured cross-premises connectivity to my Azure virtual network which contains my Azure VMs. We also confirmed that the test Azure VM, AppSrv2, can connect to the OpsMgr Management Server in my lab. The Azure VM is outside of the trusted environment of the … Read More

Chiyo OdikaMonitoring Azure IaaS with OpsMgr 2012 – Part 2