Disable Importing of Operational Insights Alerts into Operations Manager

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[UPDATE]: The rules have been updated.

If you are familiar with Azure Operational Insights (OpInsights), and have seen it in action, then you no doubt acknowledge that the presented configuration and usage data for your environment is rather useful and quite insightful (pun intended). One other thing we can agree on is that the configuration data, in the form of alerts that get synced back to OpsMgr can be rather miffing even in the best of times.

By default, alerts generated by the configuration assessment intelligence pack in OpInsights will get synced up with your OpsMgr environment, when you connect your OpsMgr deployment to the OpInsights service. As seen below, these alerts show up in both OpInsights, and get imported into OpsMgr to show up in the consoles. At this time, there’s neither control on the OpsMgr side regarding the priority/ severity of the alerts that get pulled into OpsMgr, nor control over what severity is assigned to alerts generated in OpInsights. This, to my order of mind, diminishes the value of the alerts getting synced back into OpsMgr. I’m content with just having these alerts in one place (OpInsights), as opposed to both places.

The figure below shows alerts generated in OpInsights



Alerts synced into OpsMgr



Two rules are responsible for the syncing and importing of OpInsights alerts into OpsMgr, and these are the rules that need to be disabled to prevent OpInsights alerts from getting imported into OpsMgr. The rules are the System Center Advisor Alert, and the Microsoft.SystemCenter.Advisor.SyncAlert, which import alerts from OpInsights, and sync OpInsights alert to OpsMgr, respectively, and both of which target the Collection Server class.





To override the rules, right click each rule | select overrides| Disable the Rule | For all objects of class: Collection server. Confirm that the Enabled parameter override value is set to False, select your destination management pack, and click OK.

That should nip those pesky synced alerts in the bud for good. Cheers!

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Chiyo OdikaDisable Importing of Operational Insights Alerts into Operations Manager