Exploring the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Experience Center

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OMS is a collection of cloud based services for managing and protecting your on-premise and cloud environments. Since OMS is implemented as a cloud based service, you can have it up and running quickly with minimal investment in infrastructure services. Read this detailed article on how to get started with, and onboard to the service. As seen in the article I’ve linked to, and the numerous other such posts on the web, onboarding to the service is fairly unambiguous, and you can onboard in one of several ways. But what if you’d like to kick the tires, idiomatically speaking, before onboarding or signing up for a pricing tier. What options are available to you? This question was recently posed to me; a very good question I thought, and one that necessitates this blog post. Enter the OMS Experience Center.


As implied in the name, the OMS Experience Center is a OMS demo environment that will enable to you get hands on with OMS experience most of its capabilities, and see the service in action. Note that while you will be able to navigate and try out analytics on all installed solutions, and attendant data types you are limited to only solutions preinstalled in the experience workspace, and because you are authenticated to the workspace as a read-only user, upon entering your information for access, you will not be able to configure any settings or view advanced configuration capabilities in the workspace.


Additionally, even if you have a OMS workspace, you could benefit from experiencing other solutions and capabilities that are configured in this demo workspace, but which you haven’t quite configured in your workspace(s). Check out the AWS monitoring solution for instance.


You will be allowed access to the environment for 1 hour, after which you will need to re-authenticate to continue accessing the environment.

Access the OMS Experience Center

Accessing the OMS Experience Center is easy. Simply navigate to the OMS Experience Center website, and enter your identifying information.

If you find the capabilities compelling enough, and would like to try it out with administrative access, and access even more capabilities, sign up for a free OMS workspace, and start onboarding to the service. I hope you find this instructive. Cheers!

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Chiyo OdikaExploring the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Experience Center