Hybrid Cloud Print Known Issues and Workarounds

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In a previous post, I outline the steps for deploying Hybrid cloud print. Here are some noteworthy issues and errors you may encounter when deploying/ testing this solution through either of the supported pre-authentication methods, and some ways to remediate them.

  1. Publishing permissions.


    This error indicates that you do not have permissions print server management permissions or permissions to modify the Mopria database file. Address this by following steps #2 and #8 of the referenced post above.

  2. Read and Sign-in Authorization for Native client or web apps

    This error indicates that required permissions are missing on Native client or Web apps


    it further indicates that you’ve not delegated permissions to the app for required APIs, as outlined in steps #10 and #11 of the referenced post above

  3. Invalid Authorization Headers

    When querying the web app discovery endpoint, you may encounter a 401.2 error. One likely cause of this is that may be using an account without relevant permissions to the solution web APIs. There’s no need to modify default authentication types for the IIS services supporting the internet printing protocol, and Mopria discovery standard, as I found that to have no effect in my testing. I’ve also found this to be caused by stripping of the authorization headers upon client request whenever the discovery endpoint is queried. In such a case check for the use of proxies at the host or network level that could be restricting this traffic.

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There are likely some other issues not listed here that you may encounter. I haven’t tested for every possible combination, but have worked extensively with this solution, and seen and remediated many issues, so post your scenario below, and we’ll sort it out. 😉


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Chiyo OdikaHybrid Cloud Print Known Issues and Workarounds