Microsoft Ignite 2015 Recap. Platform Vision and Strategy Sessions

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I was fortunate to have attended Microsoft Ignite 2015, and I’m still basking in the euphoria of all my newly-gleaned knowledge. I found the conference to be characteristically replete with information about Microsoft’s vision and strategy for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and about how Microsoft is empowering IT to move from delivering information technology in organizations to driving the innovations and transformation in organizations so as to empower every person and organization to achieve more.

At the heart of Microsoft’s strategy lies three interlocking ambitions. To:

  • Create more personal computing
  • Build the intelligent cloud
  • Reinvent productivity and business processes

To this end, Microsoft made several exciting announcements during Ignite 2015 for:

All of these announcements are very exciting and are a testament to how Microsoft is positioning itself to be the productivity and platform company that will thrive in the ever-changing and highly competitive mobile-first, cloud-first landscape, through enabling more personal computing, reinventing the very nature of work with productivity and business processes, and building the intelligent cloud backend for all devices, applications, data, and providing comprehensive intelligence for all these experiences.

While further ruminating on all this good news, I sought to review sessions that speak to Microsoft’s vision and strategy around the cloud platform ecosystem, and stumbled upon a very apt series of sessions from Ignite 2015, so I’m sharing them below.

In these sessions, you will learn about:

  • Microsoft’s vision for Management within the cloud ecosystem, as well as get an overview of the strategic plan for Azure’s current and future offerings
  • Containers, Nano Server, new Azure IaaS and Hyper-V features, and learn about how Microsoft’s cloud platform is ushering in the next generation of computing for modern applications and cloud infrastructure and how these all tie into Microsoft’s cloud strategy
  • Networking and storage improvements, and about how Microsoft is securing the cloud platform for both services connected with Azure, and on-premises
  • New features in System Center 2012 R2, and rich enhancements provided by Azure Operational Insights (which is now a part of the Operations Management Suite), and Automation
  • Microsoft’s strategy for Linux

You will notice that I’ve left the links to the speakers profiles so that you can check out any sessions on Channel 9 by a particular referenced speaker who’s of interest to you.

Sessions List

THR0488 Datacenter Management from the Microsoft Point of View. Speakers: Jeremy Chapman, Jeremy Winter

BRK2484 Platform Vision & Strategy (1 of 7): Azure Consistent Service Delivery Overview. Speakers: Bradley Bartz, Natalia Mackevicius

BRK2466 Platform Vision & Strategy (2 of 7): Server Virtualization Overview. Speakers: Mathew John, Jeff Woolsey

BRK2471 Platform Vision & Strategy (3 of 7): Networking Overview. Speakers: Yousef Khalidi, Rajeev Nagar, Bala Rajagopalan, Don Stanwyck

BRK2485 Platform Vision & Strategy (4 of 7): Storage Overview. Speakers: Jose Barreto, Siddhartha Roy

BRK2482 Platform Vision & Strategy (5 of 7): Security and Assurance Overview. Speakers: Anders Vinberg

BRK2459 Platform Vision & Strategy (6 of 7): What’s New in System Center for Management. Speakers: Joseph Chan, Eamon O’Reilly, Nagender Vedula, Eric Winner, Jeremy Winter

BRK2453 Platform Vision & Strategy (7 of 7): Linux on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Speakers: Michael Kelley, chris phillips

I trust that you will find these instructive. Next up I will work on some blogs around some of the new products announced at Ignite 2015, starting with a deep dive into all facets of Operations Management Suite (OMS).


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Chiyo OdikaMicrosoft Ignite 2015 Recap. Platform Vision and Strategy Sessions