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Microsoft Ignite 2015 saw the introduction of Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), a suite of products that’s being touted as Microsoft’s IT Management solution for a cloud-first world, that will empower organizations to embark on the journey of modern management, extend their System Center investments and simplify the management of their workloads and datacenters regardless of where they may be hosted. The Microsoft Operations Management Suite will enable organizations to quickly and cost-effectively meet business challenges by enabling them to derive rich insights from multi-sourced data, leverage efficiencies by automating complex and repetitive operations, secure their workloads, and ensure the availability of their applications and integrity of their data.



Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) has a very rich feature set which I will expound on in this blog series. This series will include a more detailed overview of the suite, the services of which OMS is comprised, and how to make the most of each service. I will update this page with links to all subsequent posts for this series. Let’s embark on the journey to modern IT management. Topics in this series include:



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Chiyo OdikaMicrosoft Operations Management Suite Blog Series