Multi-line Queries Now in OMS Log Search Editor

Chiyo OdikaAZURE, Microsoft Operations Management Suite, OMSLeave a Comment

Fans of multi-line queries rejoice! The OMS/ Log Analytics Log Search editor now supports multi-line queries. Even before the new Log Analytics search language was introduced, the constraints of the Log Search editor field were quite apparent. This has been a sorely needed feature in Log Search, and I imagine that ardent users of the query language heaved a collective sigh of relief when the Analytics portal was introduced with multi-line query support.  With the introduction of the Analytics portal, which supports multi-line queries and advanced analytics capabilities, the analytics possibilities seem endless.



It’s also worth noting that in addition to the multi-line query support, Log Search editor also features intellisense providing query suggestions as you type. The editor now also allows you to drag the borders to resize as you see fit.


It is very nice to see these feature updates in the Log search editor.



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Chiyo OdikaMulti-line Queries Now in OMS Log Search Editor