OMS Agent for Linux is Generally Available – v1.2.0-25

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The OMS Agent for Linux is now generally available. The OMS Agent for Linux enables rich and real-time analytics for operational data (Syslog, Performance, Alerts, Inventory) from Linux servers, Docker Containers and monitoring tools like Nagios, Zabbix and System Center. This latest agent release is v1.2.0-25. This update introduces a couple of bug fixes and new features as detailed in Github. Read the announcement and other details from the official OMS blog here.


Bug Fix

  • If metric value is null then value is not sent up to the OMS Service
  • Additional logic to ensure that correct OMS Workspace ID is presented during on-boarding
  • OMS Heartbeat now shows Computer Name

Whats New

  • Public Preview of OMS Container Solution
  • sudo in_tail plugin to allow privileged tail of files
  • AuditD filter plugin
  • StatsD aggregator filter plugin
  • MongoDB performance plugin [Preview]
  • MySQL performance plugin [Preview]

Install OMS Agent for Linux – v1.2.0-25
For x86 Architecture (32-bit) system:

cd ~
sha256sum ./
sudo bash --upgrade -w <WORKSPACE_ID> -s <SECRET_KEY>

For x64 Architecture (64-bit) System

cd ~
sha256sum ./
sudo bash --upgrade -w <WORKSPACE_ID> -s <SECRET_KEY>


Where WORKSPACE_ID Is the ID for your OMS workspace, and the SECRET_KEY is the relevant key for your OMS workspace.

To determine your OMS workspace ID and primary key:

  1. Sign into the OMS workspace
  2. From the Overview page, click on Settings.
  3. In the Settings page, click on the Connected Sources tab




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Chiyo OdikaOMS Agent for Linux is Generally Available – v1.2.0-25