OMS Agent for Linux – v1.1.0-217

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The latest public preview OMS agent for Linux is available on Github.

This updates introduces the following new features:

  • FluentD v12.24: Fluentd is an Ruby-based open source data collector for unifying data collection and consumption for better understanding and use of unstructured data. Among other capabilities, It analyzes event logs, application logs, and clickstreams. This feature in the OMS Agent for Linux introduces a new default FLuentD buffer queue behavior.
  • Support for CollectD Metrics
  • Ability to support custom JSON data sources from OMS Agent for Linux
  • New default set of Performance Counters supported
  • Support Docker Engine Version 1.11.2 and Docker Rest API version 1.23
  • The omsagent service now runs under omiusers group instead of omsagent group
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (x64/x86) support



  • In some cases, when the OMS Agent for Linux fails to send data to the OMS Service a retry is not initiated
  • The OMS Agent for Linux can enter a race condition when using Custom Logs and Syslog data because the buffer path for out_oms and out_oms_blob conflict
  • The OMS Agent for Linux can fail to start after an upgrade from an error in a post uninstall script

Install OMS Agent for Linux – v1.1.0-217

For x86 Architecture (32-bit) system:

cd ~
sudo bash --upgrade -w <WORKSPACE_ID> -s <SECRET_KEY>

For x64 Architecture (64-bit) System

cd ~
sudo bash --upgrade -w <WORKSPACE_ID> -s <SECRET_KEY>

Where WORKSPACE_ID Is the ID for your OMS workspace, and the SECRET_KEY is the relevant key for your OMS workspace.

To determine your OMS workspace ID and primary key:

  1. Sign into the OMS workspace
  2. From the Overview page, click on Settings.
  3. In the Settings page, click on the Connected Sources tab





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Chiyo OdikaOMS Agent for Linux – v1.1.0-217