OMS Agent for Linux – v1.2.0-148

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Just dropping a note about the latest generally available OMS agent for Linux version  v1.2.0-148. This update has been out for some time, and adds some new functionality for network related performance counters as well as fixes a few bugs. The official documentation is on Github.


Bug Fix

  • In some cases the omiagent component causes core files to be generated.
  • In some cases, segmentation faults occur when using the latest version of Docker.

Whats New

  • Network Related Performance Counters

Install OMS Agent for Linux – v1.2.0-148
For x86 Architecture (32-bit) system:

For x64 Architecture (64-bit) System:

Where WORKSPACE_ID Is the ID for your OMS workspace, and the SECRET_KEY is the relevant key for your OMS workspace.

To determine your OMS workspace ID and primary key:

  1. Sign into the OMS workspace
  2. From the Overview page, click on Settings.
  3. In the Settings page, click on the Connected Sources tab




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Chiyo OdikaOMS Agent for Linux – v1.2.0-148