OMS Agent for Linux – v1.3.3-15

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The latest release of the OMS Agent for Linux is available on Github. This update builds upon the new features and bug fixes made to v1.3.2-15 of the OMS Agent for Linux.

New Features

  • Newest Apache CIM provider 1.0.1-9 (Introduced in v1.3.2-15)



  • Docker versioning fix. (Introduced in v1.3.2-15)
  • Container buffer and Docker segfault fix. (Introduced in v1.3.2-15)
  • SCX/OMI dependent package compatibility fix for OMSAgentForLinux and LinuxAsm VM extensions.


Install OMS Agent for Linux – v1.3.3-15

For x86 Architecture (32-bit) systems:

cd ~ 
sudo bash --upgrade -w <WORKSPACE_ID> -s <SECRET_KEY>

For x64 Architecture (64-bit) Systems

cd ~
sudo bash --upgrade -w <WORKSPACE_ID> -s <SECRET_KEY>

Where WORKSPACE_ID Is the ID for your OMS workspace, and the SECRET_KEY is the relevant key for your OMS workspace.

To determine your OMS workspace ID and primary key:

  1. Sign into your OMS Workspace
  2. From the Overview page, click on Settings
  3. In the Settings page, click on Accounts -> Workspace Information.




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Chiyo OdikaOMS Agent for Linux – v1.3.3-15