Application Discovery and Mapping with OMS Service Map

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The Service Map solution in Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is now generally available. Service Map discovers components of applications running on both Windows and Linux systems, and intuitively maps the communication between the services. This capability enables you to view the connections that affect your systems, and better understand the relationships between the various components of your distributed applications.



The benefits are many and include discovery of your application and system components, incident management and root cause analysis, migration assurance, patch management, and BCDR strategy and planning. You can read more about its capabilities in the official Service Map articles.

It is worth noting that the concept of Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and attendant capabilities is nothing new, with several service and platform providers offering various ADM-capable products. So what makes Service Map noteworthy? Service Map as a product in and of itself provides sorely needed capabilities for the enterprise, but when you consider the business value it adds, based on the aforementioned capabilities, and factor in the added benefits of Log Analytics, the true hybrid cloud management capabilities that OMS brings to bear, and the very competitive pricing, in light of the known business value it adds, Service Map is certainly worth giving a look. Don’t have OMS? Try it here.

It’s also worth noting that although Service Map is still relatively nascent, I’ve with keen interest, closely monitored the evolution of this tool from when it was introduced as Application Dependency Monitor (ADM) to its current iteration, and can report that the update cadence is fairly rapid, so you can expect to see its existing capabilities optimized, made manifold, and support for additional cross-platform distributions introduced. If you are already using Service Maps, stay tuned for some exciting new updates coming down the pike over the next couple of weeks.

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Stay tuned for more on this and other OMS features. Cheers!

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Chiyo OdikaApplication Discovery and Mapping with OMS Service Map