Azure NetApp Files (ANF) – Deploy with JSON

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Azure NetApp Files (ANF) is an enterprise-class, high performance, file storage service that supports any workload type and is by default, highly available. The service enables you to select various service and performance levels based on your use cases and needs. Key Use cases include: Databases – Applications that need to be performant require reliable, and high-performance storage. ANF can play a crucial role in ensuring that your Web-apps and e-commerce apps perform exactly as you need them to, and you have fine-grained control over the storage tiers you consume for your applications to meet your needs. Files Services¬† – ANF provides cloud-based file share services through its highly available and scalable platform. It supports both SMB connections for Windows … Read More

Chiyo OdikaAzure NetApp Files (ANF) – Deploy with JSON

NSGs for Azure APIM with VNET

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I’m doing some work on deploying Azure API Management inside a VNET in order to access backend services and had to enumerate a list of Network Security Group (NSG) rules to allow inbound and outbound traffic into the subnet in which API Management is deployed. Posting the JSON here so for easy reference. Still testing this out, so let me know if I missed any ports. Cheers! { “$schema”: “”, “contentVersion”: “”, “parameters”: { “nsgname”: { “type”: “String”, “metadata”: { “description”: “NSG Name” } }, “location”: { “type”: “string”, “defaultValue”:”[resourceGroup().location]”, “metadata”: { “description”: “location value for all defined resources” } } }, “variables”: {}, “resources”: [ { “type”: “Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups”, “apiVersion”: “2019-11-01”, “name”: “[parameters(‘nsgname’)]”, “location”: “[parameters(‘location’)]”, “properties”: { “securityRules”: [ { … Read More

Chiyo OdikaNSGs for Azure APIM with VNET