PowerShell Queries and Square Brackets

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I recently encountered an interesting issue while trying to query class instances in SCOM. The class instances for certain classes will return the parent class as well as associated classes in the following format: [Parent Class Name].attribute. For instance the class instance for Microsoft.Windows.Computer returns the following:

  Ok so this returns expected values. Now let’s return a specific object instead of all objects:

This returns nothing, even though we clearly see values for the Logical Processors when we select all objects. After some checking, re-checking, and second guessing, I found an article that’s as short as the solution is simple. Apparently double-escaping is required for the parser to properly handle square brackets in strings. Note that the … Read More

Chiyo OdikaPowerShell Queries and Square Brackets

Data Aggregation Fails in Operational Insights Capacity Planning IP after Applying VMM Update Rollup


I recently encountered an issue in Azure Operational Insights (OpInsights). Data aggregation appeared to be failing for the OpInsights capacity planning intelligence pack when only hours before, data aggregation was working as expected. I couldn’t help but wonder what could have severed the connection. In my experience with OpInsights, data aggregation failures usually indicate a problem with OpsMgr sending data to OpInsights Analytics. I didn’t know of any configuration changes had been made on the OpsMgr side, but decided to double check everything.   While scouring OpsMgr, I noticed some 2127 event IDs in the Operations Manager log on the management server, with message “health service HTTP module in management group …failed to POST data to/from url (https://ods.systemcenteradvisor.com…)” This event ID … Read More

Chiyo OdikaData Aggregation Fails in Operational Insights Capacity Planning IP after Applying VMM Update Rollup

Monitoring Azure IaaS with OpsMgr 2012 – The basics


A customer recently posed a question, and it was one that coincided with a subject I had been meaning to write about for some time. Can virtual machines (VMs) running applications in Microsoft Azure be monitored with OpsMgr and if so, how does one configure this monitoring?  Yes, a VM running in Windows Azure IaaS is essentially a VM running an OS, and as such the VM and any applications that reside on it can be monitored with OpsMgr just like you would monitor any other on-premise VM. There are however two important considerations for the monitoring of the VMs in Azure. Cross-premises connectivity would have to be configured between your corporate network and the Azure network in order for … Read More

Chiyo OdikaMonitoring Azure IaaS with OpsMgr 2012 – The basics

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview

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There were several announcements during TechEd North America 2014, but of particular interest to me was that of the System Center Advisor (now Azure Operational Insights) preview. UPDATE: System Center Advisor is now a part of the new Microsoft Azure Operational Insights. With the recently-announced Public preview, Microsoft introduces Operational Insights Intelligence packs, unveils a new Operational Insights Portal based on HTML5, and introduces a powerful new search feature that allows you to combine and correlate machine data from multiple sources within your environment. The intelligence packs are powered by the Operational Insights search functionality to bring you metrics that pivot around a particular problem area, and the new portal makes for a rich and consistent experience across multiple device platforms … Read More

Chiyo OdikaMicrosoft Azure Operational Insights Preview