Windows 10 ADK Errors and Issues

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Have you been banging your head against the poor fence, trying to determine why your WinPE v10.0.10586 boot images are crushing your will to take on Windows 10 OS deployments,  trying to understand the Windows 10 ADK errors and issues, and looking for guidance on when we’ll actually get OS Deployments for Windows 10 working properly?  Well you are in good company. There are known issues with the existing versions of the ADK, and in this article, I seek to explore these issues, and explore some options on how to proceed.

Based on this article from Microsoft, which explains this issue in great detail, the recommendation is to stick to the RTM release of the Windows 10 ADK, in spite of the known issues with the RTM release of Windows 10 ADK.


Well what can one do?

If you must make the move to Windows 10, the RTM release of the Windows 10 ADK appears to be working (all least it boots, during OS deployment scenarios) with various versions of Windows 10. So you could continue using that if you can live with the persisting issues with PowerShell and .Net apps when PXE booting x64 UEFI machines in WinPE.

The 1511 release of Windows 10 ADK solved that problem, and then created and even bigger problem. It simply doesn’t boot  for OS deployment scenarios started from Software Center, or that requires the computer to restart into WinPE, and fails with the properly miffing 0x80220014 error code that appears to relate to a failure to initialize network connections, as per the smsts.log.


Windows 10 ADK Errors


I’ve been able to successfully create a new DaRT 10 ISO using the 1511 Windows 10 ADK (version 10.1.10586.0), and the Windows 10_1511 ISO. I will write another post about this. I haven’t test OS deployment scenarios quite yet, but will write a blog post if I can get that working. I hope you find this instructive.



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Chiyo OdikaWindows 10 ADK Errors and Issues